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Saturday, August 26, 2006

The thing about truth

Something that always strikes me about truth is how easy it is to be on its side. I mean haven't we all lied sometime or the other in life? Even self- proclaimed truth addicts like me have lied sometime or the other in life. It's not like an angel once told me not to lie and I stopped. It's just that life becomes so much simpler when you tell the truth like it is. No jhuth and no 100 jhuth's to hide the one jhuth. Agreed? ;)


Blogger Wriju said...

Here is where I am split in two. Some selfmade scruples drag me into honesty. But the mind wonders what's wrong with lies anyways.

For instance how do I know if my truth is really the truth and is any better than the lie I may replace it with?

12:46 AM  
Blogger Life Lover said...

Wriju---> Everyone lies, some do it all the time, some do it some of the times. My problem with lying is not as much ethical as it is troublesome. I mean every time I've lied there is so much more that I've had to do in terms of covering it up that at the end it really doesn't seem worth it. It is this jhamela that bothers me more than the lie itself :)

As far as knowing whether your truth is better than a lie, I think it is subjective. For me, any truth is better than the lie that can replace it, only because as I said, I do believe that it's simpler being on side of the truth. It might not seem so at the start but eventually it is!

3:39 PM  

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