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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Asses OOPS SS's

I've talked about habitual insult inflictors on my blog about crafty people and the sadistic pleasure that they derive from hurting someone with their words.

I am feeling the need to write about another group of people who are passively causing disruption in many normal lives- They are the Sympathy Seekers (SS's).

These are some key characteristics of a compulsive sympathy seeker:
  • SS's are looking out for kind words from every person in this world.
  • It doesn't matter if SS's are happy or sad; they want sympathy ALWAYS.
  • If SS's feel happy for some strange reason, they are quick to turn it into a sad moment as soon as they sense a potential sympathy giver around.
  • SS's feel a strange sense of satisfaction after a long sympathy session that they got from someone. I think it almost feels theraupatic to them, how sick!
  • SS's are human beings too and sometimes they feel happy, really deeply happy and they kind of start liking this feeling until they meet their old, long lost sympathy giver buddy who drags they back to the sweet feeling of taking sympathy. The dialogue progresses like this:

    SS: Hey buddy, long time, no see (with a huge smile on their face- unbelievable yet true)
    SG (Sympathy Giver yaar!) : Hey good to see you but you look different (See the emphasis on the word- different)
    SS: Oh ya? You mean different in a good way right?
    SG: Ummm, well, uhhhhh, Yah yah
    SS: Hey c'mon yaar, tell me na, what's there in your mind.
    SG: No, yaar, it's just that ummm, you seem to look a little down
    The Ummm, well, uhhhh seems to have worked, aage padho!
    SS: Oh yah? Well, no, I am doing ok, I guess (See the word 'guess', there is where the doubt begins to enter dear SS)
    SG: I hope you are doing well because, I feel you have lost your smile somewhere, I remember you as someone so happy and always smiling
    SS: Yah, work has been really hectic and at home too, it's just ok (it was fantastic but the potential of a calming sympathy session made it 'just ok')
    SG: Want to talk about it?
    SS: Sure

DONE. Three minutes turn around time. From Happy to SS. Kudos SG, You did it again in record time.

  • SS's favourite phrases are: 'I am sorry for what happened to you', ' you look so sad and miserable', ' do you want to talk about your pathetic state', 'you have lost your smiling face!', 'I am always available to talk (ie. listen to your shit) whenever you feel the need.'
  • SS's hate people who tell them to grow up, stop seeking sympathy, and generally get on with their lives.
  • SS's ALWAYS crave for more sympathy. They don't have the word 'contentment' in their dictionaries.

If you ever meet a SS and your personality doesn't allow you to be a SG then back off, BACK OFF, real quick before you get sucked into their sad, little, pathetic world. Consider yourself WARNED.


Blogger Wriju said...

Like your sense of humor :-)

12:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey! do you know an SS so closely to know all their characteristics?

2:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh god!!! laughed so much reading this post of yours! hmmm...i can think of many such people who are such big SS's *wink*

12:24 AM  
Blogger Isha said...

anony do you really need to ask ..

i think ss's are not some kind of pests that feed on feelings.. its just becoz they wanna be given attention ..:) ..love cures all

4:40 PM  
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