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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Summer in California

Everyone looks so excited around me today. I can see people's smiles getting broader and their gait getting a little bit more springy, and I am thinking to myself, what is the reason?

It's not just a handful of people at work or in the gym who look happy; everyone I see, looks happy today. The woman at the reception desk said a highly cheerful hello to me this morning when I walked into the office, my colleague in the next cube is singing to herself, the woman at the red light signal waved at me and smiled and I also saw some men on the sidewalk running in their Nike's- their shirts off and their faces wet with the cold Aquafina that they are emptying on their heads.

And suddenly it strikes me- Summer has officially started in California!! It's June 21st, the longest day of the year and the day when summer makes a grand entrance in a Californian's life.

It's true, California is called the Golden state- with sunshine and great weather all year around- But this year, it got pretty cold here with rains almost everyday from December to March.

I guess that explains the fanatic frenzy of Californians welcoming summer with an enthusiasm not seen in many years- they are out to have fun with a vengeance- I am joining in too with an oath to live each summer day as if it were to last forever!!!

Cheers to California summer and the Californian spirit...Ahhh the taste of those juicy cherries handpicked from Brentwood and Ohhh the fresh Apple cider with just the right tinge of bubbly freshness


Anonymous Sh_Shank said...

I am in California! Yes, I feel so fresh and enthusiastic after reading your post, feel like I am enjoying the California summer myself! :-)

10:52 AM  
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